If you owned or occupied property containing certain Viking VK457 fire sprinklers sold between January 1, 2013, and March 31, 2015, and/or you paid to replace those sprinklers, or for repairs or damages resulting from a non-fire Activation, then you may be entitled to certain remedies. To receive remedies, you must complete a Claim Form. Claim Forms must be completed either online or via U.S. Mail. The deadline for submitting a Replacement Claim is 18 months after the Effective Date, and the deadline for submitting an Activation Claim is 24 months after the Effective Date. Claim Forms submitted after their deadline will not be considered timely and may not be accepted.

Before completing your Claim Form, it is important that you completely read and understand the information on this website. It is important to note that this Settlement only concerns certain Subject Sprinklers defined as Viking VK457 fire sprinklers sold between January 1, 2013, and March 31, 2015.

Settlement Class Members may file for one or both of the following types of remedies.

Activation Claims

Activation Claims are those that are based upon non-fire Activations that occurred on or after June 6, 2020 through July 18, 2022. Such Claims must be submitted to the Settlement Administrator no later than 180 days after the non-fire Activation. Eligible Claimants shall receive 70% of their Reasonably Proven Property Damage. Non-fire Activations that occurred before June 6, 2020 are not eligible for payment in this Settlement.

Replacement Claims

Replacement Claims are those in which Eligible Claimants choose to have their Subject Sprinklers replaced with a Viking VK494 fire sprinkler or a reasonably equivalent Viking fire sprinkler of equal or greater quality (“Replacement Sprinklers”). Such Claims must be submitted to the Settlement Administrator no later than 18 months after the Effective Date. Replacement Sprinklers will be installed by contractors selected and retained by Viking at no cost to the Settlement Class Member for the associated materials and labor. Settlement Class Members who paid to replace Subject Sprinklers prior to March 9, 2020 can file a Replacement Claim for unreimbursed out-of-pocket costs up to a maximum amount of $35.00 per Subject Sprinkler replaced, inclusive of costs of materials and labor.

Documentation Documentation must be provided to support your Claim. For Activation Claims, a Claimant must include proof that a qualifying non-fire Activation occurred, including, by way of example only, installer or contractor records, photographs, videos, invoices, receipts, credit card statements, inspection records, insurance records, or any other document or information that (a) supports the Claimant’s position of an occurrence of a qualifying non-fire activation of a Subject Sprinkler; (b) states the date(s) of the non-fire Activation(s); and (c) receipts, invoices, and other proof of recoverable damages. For Replacement Claims seeking reimbursement for amounts paid to replace the Subject Sprinklers, you will be asked for supporting documentation substantiating that you paid to replace Subject Sprinklers.

Documentation should be clear, readable copies, as nothing will be returned to you. Acceptable files for online filing must be one of the following formats and no larger than 20MB a file: jpg, jpeg, gif, tif, tiff, png, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, zip, txt, mht, rtf, msg, eml, mp4, m4v, 3gp, 3g2, mov, mpg, mpeg, avi, webm, or flv.

How to File Online:

To file online, you will be asked to provide information regarding the affected property and property owners, and how you know that there is Subject Sprinklers in the property. If you are filing for an Activation Claim, you must be able to provide the date(s) of the non-fire Activation(s), and the amount spent on damage/repair. If you are filing for a Replacement Claim, you need to know how many Subject Sprinklers are installed in the property. Lastly, you will be able to upload any documentation required to prove your Claim.

You will be presented with a login to come back and finish your Claim as need be. Just remember ALL Claim Forms must be completed no later than 18 months after the Effective Date.

How to File by Email or Mail:

If you would like to file by email or mail, download a copy of the Claim Form. Please read the form carefully, fill it out completely, and attach any documentation as applicable. Then, mail the completed Claim Form to the following address:

Viking VK457 Sprinkler Class Action Settlement
Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 3127
Portland, OR 97208-3127

Remember, all Claims must be submitted online or postmarked no later than 18 months after the Effective Date.